Kiko Love

I finally managed to get some time to browse a Kiko shop. I have bought some things from Kiko before (see here) and loved them so was desperate to get my hands on more. You can buy online but with makeup I find that can be quite hard when you have darker skin.

So I focused mainly on eye makeup as it is something I love and can never get enough of! First I wanted to try out their Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick (£4.90 each). I got two one in Golden Chocolate (05) and one in Rosy Brown (04). These are amazing, they glide on smoothly, belnding easily and stay put for the whole day with no creasing or smudging (without a primer). I love these two colours. I use the lighter shade (05) in the inner corner of my eyes and the darker shade (04) all over. I will definitely be getting more of these as they are great value and quality and the range of colours is huge!



Next I picked up the Color Fever Eyeshadow Palette (£13.90) in Jungle Green Variations. This is odd because I dont think the colours are greens but actually more greys with a hint of green! Either way the colours are lovely and rich and the payoff is very very good. Again they last really well without any creasing. I have used this for lots of daytime and evening looks and just love it. Am very tempted to get the Unexpected Rosy Taupe and/or the Coral Burgundy next!




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