Clarins Double Serum

I read somewhere that the Clarins Double Serum is currently one of the best selling serums out there – (£55-69). Well given that kind of hype, I was intrigued. Not just because it sounds amazing, but because my skin has been unusually dry and sensitive this winter and I have run out of ideas of how to fix it!


I got the 100ml £55 option which on the one hand sounds expensive but on the other hand should last a while as I am only using a single pump for each application. The product is two different serums that you mix in your hand, one water based and one oil based. A single pump dispenses a perfect little blob of these two liquids. It looks like liquid gold (not kidding!). I thien mix them together and apply in patting motion to clean skin both morning and evening before moisturising.


This stuff smells heavenly. If you have a look at the list of ingredients it is an amazing mix of loads of different natural ingredients like Cangzhu extract (specifically developed for Clarins) rosehip oil, green tea, quinoa etc. etc.!

I am going to totally agree with the hype. After just TWO days my eczema disappeared (after 2 months of trying all sorts!), my skin was calm and balanced and happy! I am using this twice a day for now but may switch to just the morning once I think my skin is totally back to normal.


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