Retinol Face Creams

I have read quite a few articles about retinol and how effective it is at improving your skin’s texture and appearance. Recently two retinol creams have been featured regularly in women’s  magazines  – Indeed Labs Retinol ReFace (available at Boots for £19.99) and La Roche Posay Redermic  R Anti-wrinkle (also from Boots for £28.00). Both these creams are reported to have much higher levels of retinol than “previous” retinol creams without causing any of the nasty side effects like irritation and redness. I decided to try the Retinol ReFace (mainly as it was on offer for £13.99).

Although I don’t have many wrinkles, I do suffer from dark pigmentation and scarring as a result of blemishes.  I recently had a bout of blemishes that left my skin marked along my left cheek and jawline. The blemishes have cleared up and although I knew that the scars would fade eventually as others before had I thought I would test out the Retinol ReFace whilst I had a good reason to!


So I used this every night for about 6 weeks now. Within the first week (yes the first week) I noticed a huge reduction in pigmentation around the scars. I went from using a heavy foundation and concealer to just powder for minimal cover in that time frame! The texture of my skin also seemed to improve quite quickly and all the small bumps under my skin disappeared.

The cream itself is a bit of an odd texture. I find it sits on your skin for a bit so feels quite weird! It does sink in after a bit and your skin is left moisturised and feeling normal (i.e. not sticky or greasy or dry). The smell isn’t very appealing – I think it is unscented which to me then smells like those medical skin creams! That makes it sound awful but what I mean is that it doesn’t smell luxurious or expensive.  However, it works!


I am truly impressed with this cream. I am not sure if I want to continue to use it as a preventative measure or wait until I have reasons to use and save it for those? I wonder if its effectiveness may diminish of you “overuse” it? Whatever happens this cream is going to stay on my emergency skincare list for a while. I am now of course very tempted by the La Roche Posay version! That may have to be the next trial!

So if you are thinking about upping your retinol – go for it!

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