Sanctuary Spa – Skincare

Boots were having a 3 for 2 deal on all Sanctuary Spa products and as I had read so much about some of their skincare range I decided it was a good time to try them out.

The first thing I really wanted to try was the Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil (£17.50). This is packed full of lovely organic oils like rosehip, rose and frankincense that are really good for keeping your skin looking young and soft. I am totally obsessed with facial oils and have been using them for years like this Clarins one. Having read many great reviews of this I had to give it a go.

I absolutely love this oil. In fact I am almost convinced that it is my favourite facial oil to date! I have used this both on its own at night or mixed into my daily moisturiser or even foundation during the day. If my skin is ever feeling really dry or sensitive I reach for this. The smell is beautiful rose and the texture is rich yet silky and easily absorbed. Definitely worth the hype! This was a great purchase and one that I most certainly will buy again and again.


The next product I really wanted to try was the Leave-on Exfoliating Cream (£14). This is not a “scrub” of any form but has AHAs in it that help skin turnover. I don’t really like scrubs as I find them too drying so this was a good alternative. I use acids like Alpha-H Liquid Gold all the time so know the benefits of this type of exfoliation but I had never tried a daytime version. Having used this for about a month I havent really noticed any changes. I dont really like the texture and it doesnt moisturise my skin as much as I would like. So not impressed and wont be getting this again.IMG_8232

Finally I also got the Time Reversal Mask (£13.50). The main reason I got this product is my skin was feeling particularly dry and I just wanted something to plump it up and give it an extra boost of moisture. It also says it can be left on overnight as a special treatment which did appeal to me too!

I have read that this mask can cause quite bad reactions to some people so was a little worried when I first tried it. Thankfully I have had nothing but good results. The mask is creamy and immediately feels hydrating and comforting on the skin. I have only ever used this as a 10-15 minute mask as I have to admit being a bit nervous to leave it on overnight. As a mask it works beautifully and I have found myself reaching for this quite often. In the winter when my skin needs a little extra boost this definitely helps. I may not rush out to replace this but would definitely get it again.

So 2 out 3 good results isnt bad, and discovering the Therapists Secret Facial Oil is a major bonus!


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