Christmas Party Season – What to Wear??

So it’s that time of year when you are officially allowed to wear sequins so I am going to make the most of it and use every excuse to dress up over the festive period!

First up is my work Christmas do. This is usually quite a “casual” affair where we go to a restaurant for lunch and then carry on the party in a pub (or two or three)! That never stops me from getting a bit dressed up as I just love it!

I decided on a pretty skirt from Asos (£26 in the sale ) and an embellished top from Zara (£19.99). I thought this was dressy without going over the top and comfortable enough to wear the whole day! The top layer of the skirt is sheer with jacquard flowers and the under skirt is a bronze colour which shows through. I love the gold shoulders of the Zara top.




Next we decided to have a small “pre-Christmas” drinks and nibbles party at the weekend. As this was in my house I could forgo the need to be warm or have to walk far in heels! As it wasn’t too dressy I went for this simple dress from H&M (£29.99). It has got sequins on it but as they are black and quite matt they don’t stand out too much against the black chiffon of the dress. The dress itself is a simple spaghetti strap shift dress.


The next event on my festive calendar is a cocktail and dinner evening. For this I want to wear a sequin skirt I got from River Island in the sale for £20 and my black blouse from Zara (£25.99). I love the panels of sequins on this skirt and the simple black jersey on the back, teamed with a simple top helps to make it more wearable! I still wanted to be quite dressed up so I think this the right balance!


Finally Christmas day itself I want to wear something pretty but comfortable so I can eat and drink without feeling uncomfortable! I will probably wear this assymetric red and black leopard print dress from Asos (£29 in the sale). I love the easy relaxed style of this dress and it is really flattering on.



Throughout the pictures I have been wearing my Duo boots and this necklace (below) from a shop called  Necklace 21 on Etsy (about £9).


I will be doing a separate post on my New Years Eve outfit!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Party Season – What to Wear??

  1. Hi Chitra – I love your blog, and you have amazing taste! This is really, really cheeky of me and I am so sorry but I was just wondering, since you have to many, do you ever sell your clothes off on the internet or anything like that? In particular, do you still have that black H&M dress? I know this is an old post and honestly, I wouldn’t ask unless I was desperate – I actually used to have that dress and it was one of my favourites (impeccable choice btw), but on a trip to London in the summer I lost it and I’ve been trying to find a replacement to no avail ever since. If you still had it – and you were willing to let it go of course – I’d be so happy to buy it off you for the original price of it plus postage! If you can’t, no worries, but if you could, honestly you’d be the biggest lifesaver ever! Please just let me know either way and I’m very sorry for rambling, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year:)

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