Party Hair Essentials

Last year at the 75% off Boots sale I grabbed this amazing Glam Hair kit from Umberto Giannini for about £7 which included three amazing party hair essentials.


In the kit was Backcomb in a Bottle, Princess Purfect Hot Styler Spray and Glamour Puss Crystal Mist (all three are normally £5.61 each). So Backcomb in a Bottle is essentially a hairspray that gives volume and texture so allows you to create great hairstyles that last all night! I have used this a few times over the past year and it does work!

Next is the Hot Styler Spray which I use more often as it is protects against heat styling but also holds your style. I really like this and would definitely get this again.

Finally the best of all the Crystal Mist – this is pure glamour! It is a beautifully scented shimmer spray that leaves your hair not only smelling amazing but also highlighted with the prettiest gold dust! I use this when I want to add some extra sparkle and loads of people always comment on how gorgeous it looks! A must for the Christmas season!

Look out for the Boots January 2014 75% off sale next year and you may find a bargain just as good too!


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