New Look – Cardi, Skirts and Boots

Whilst browsing the internet as you do, I was visiting all my usual online shopping favourites to see if there was anything that caught my eye. Well I have to say New Look definitely had a lot that got me interested! So of course I had to put an order in! I did have a 25% off voucher which may have helped ease my conscience!!

First I got this chunky knit boyfriend cardigan in black. I just loved the texture and the pockets and the shape. It was £19.99.


Next is the skirt I am wearing with the cardigan above and below. It’s a really cute teal and black jacquard print skirt with two side splits.  I love the colour and pattern and the cut is really flattering. This was £17.99.



Another skirt I got was this tapestry print a-line skirt. The rose pattern is very pretty and vintage looking. This skirt was £19.99.



Finally I got some Chelsea Boots just because they were cute and practical and pretty good value at £27.99!



Oh and I almost forgot I also grabbed these earring in the store as they were on sale for £2.25!




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