Perfect Hooded Coat

This is part two of my “perfect winter” series! The first was about perfect boots for skinny calves (worn with perfect coat below!) and this one is about the perfect hooded coat!

I have looked for two years running for my perfect hooded winter coat. I don’t know why but I just really wanted a coat with hood but didn’t want a parka or duffel coat. I wanted sophisticated elegance with a hood! I think I love the idea that if it is raining lightly I could simply pull my hood up instead of rummaging around for my umbrella only to find that the rain had stopped by the time I found it! I know it’s a strange reason! I do also love the look of a hooded coat but I only ever seemed to find designer brands that did them which was out of my price range.

I will stop rambling on and share with you my perfect hooded coat! It’s from Zara and cost a mere £109 (I say mere because I think it looks and feels super expensive). It was also featured as no1 of Grazia’s list in an early October edition so was bound to sell out! I got mine in September as I thought it would disappear and I would regret it forever!





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