Clarins – Cult Face Treatment Oils

I have been using Clarins Face Treatment Oils for coming on to a decade now. I absolutely love them and keep going back again and again to repurchase. The one I use the most is the Blue Orchid Treatment Oil for dehydrated skin (£30).


According to Clarins this oil “contains extracts of Rosewood, Patchouli and Blue Orchid to tone, revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. Hazelnut Oil helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines”. I have to say this oil really does deliver which is why I find myself buying this again and again. The smell of this oil is so calming and rich because of the essential oils in it.

I follow my own little routine when I apply this oil as I find it just works for me! After cleansing at night, before bed, I put a few drops in the palm of my hand and warm the oil for a few seconds. Then I place both palms over my face a breathe in the essential oils again for just a few seconds. Finally I massage the oil into my face a neck with sweeping upward strokes. This ritual makes me feel relaxed and ready for bed but I think also helps my skin absorb the oils and benefit from a little massage therapy!

I cannot recommend this oil enough and have definitely converted many friends who use both the Lotus and Santal oils and now swear by them too. They do last for a really long time as only a few drops are needed each time. If you buy one thing this month make it one of these oils!


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