17 Makeup Three for Two Mini Haul


Boots were doing a 3 for 2 on all 17 makeup recently and I had been wanting to get their Mirror Shine Lipstick so thought I may as well see what else was available! In the end I got two of the lipsticks and one metallic cream eye shadow.


So these are the two Mirror Shine Lipsticks (£4.79 each). They come in a sleek black case with a small mirror built in – very handy! The two colours I got were Bolshie (top) and Flirtini (below). They are very similar colours – a bright pink but Flirtini has a shimmer whereas Bolshie is more creamy pink.


Bolshie (above) Flirtini (below)


Next is the Wild Metallic Cream Eyeshadow in Mid Blue (£3.99). This is actually a really lovely creamy consistency with a good amount of sparkle for night or day. I really love the colours of this and am very tempted to get more of these.


It’s hard to show the colour in pictures but as you can see below its quite a nice wash on the lids.



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