Summer Skincare Favourites

I thought I would do a quick post about three of my favourite go to skincare products for the last month or so while it’s been really hot here in UK.


First I use this new product I spotted in Boots the other week – Vaseline Spray and Go (190ml £4.99). It’s a very light moisturising spray. It goes on very easily- a quick spray and swift rub in and you are ready to go! Very easily absorbed and not heavily fragranced. Definitely enough moisture for my skin in the summer.

I usually follow this with the Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh SPF50 (200ml £16.99). These have been offer for ages at half price in Boots so I have stocked up. It is an amazing product. Again goes on very much like the Vaseline spray but has a bit more of a shiny finish. It does absorb really well too so the shiny effect disappears quite fast. A great SPF cover without any stickiness.

Finally if I need a bit of a shimmer I use the E45 Silky Radiance Body Lotion (250ml £3.99). This is a lovely light lotion with a very subtle golden shimmer. It leaves my skin lovely and soft and in the sun just lightly shimmering! I love this and use it every summer or on holiday. I tend to use this instead of the Vaseline Spray or a very light layer on top on certain parts like my shins and décolletage.

So that’s my summer skincare favourites of the moment! I think they make the perfect beach holiday skincare kit too!


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