Asepta – Coup D’Eclat Ampoules


These are from a French brand called Asepta and they are little ampoules that are meant to immediately lift your face and get rid of any signs of tiredness for up to 8 hours.

I read about these recently in a few places – Lisa Eldridge mentioned it in her French pharmacy video and I also saw that Harvey Nichols were stocking it in their Beauty Mart. I have also heard that this is used backstage during fashion week to give the model’s skin a last minute boost.

I have tried this twice now before a party or a night out and have to say that I definitely noticed a difference almost immediately. You essentially break the top off the ampoule and apply the liquid all over your face with a patting motion. I found it quite easy to apply and liquid seemed to get absorbed really quickly and didn’t leave any residue. I then applied my makeup over the top.

My impression is that it’s definitely worth the effort! I got these from my lovely friend Anne-Marie who brought them over from France for me. I do know that other than Harvey Nichols you can get them online from Le Guide Sante for about £16 for 12 ampoules.


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