More from & Other Stories


I had another chance to go to the & Other Stories store in Regent Street and I found a few more things! First is this summer dress in a light printed jersey. I love the navy and white print, the cut and the cord tie. To go with this I picked up two lovely fine knit cardigans in navy and white. They are really light but somehow also warm.



Next I got a few bits from the makeup section. First are two nail polishes both in different hues of rose gold. The first Pashmina Pink (on the right and last two fingers below) is more blue toned rose and the second Rose Lame (on left and first two fingers) is very much a rose gold.



I also got a blusher – “Ecarlate Pink” which looks frighteningly neon but is a beautiful sheer wash in an extremely flattering shade.



Finally I picked up an eye pencil in “Tricolette Nacquet” which is a sort of golden metallic beige. For me this works really well in my waterline giving a beautiful highlight.




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