Asos Monoclash Dress


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. I first ordered this dress in January, yes January. I saw it on Asos and just knew I had to have it. I ordered my usual size 14 and sadly it just looked awful on me. I didnt really spend too much time asking myself why, I am one of those people that knows pretty instantly if something is wrong and will immediately return it. That is exactly what I did.

Two months later and I have seen the dress EVERYWHERE and I really mean EVERYWHERE! One place was on the blog site “What’s In Her Wardrobe“. Gemma was wearing the dress with a belt and said how her usual size was too big! So as you can guess I was straight back on Asos and by some miracle there was a size 12 left. I snapped it up immediately!

When it arrived I tried it on with much trepidation but this time swiftly added a belt and WOW! Its amazing! The fit was so much better with the pattern sitting in the right places and the belt just added that bit of definition I needed. I am so pleased with this dress it is just so effortlessly cool and unusual. Definitely a great purchase! Definitely was worth all the buying & returning and at £55 a great purchase!!

Worn below with Whistles Kir Royale Ankle Boots and Primark belt.




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