Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

I love body oils but find that they usually leave too much of oily residue to use during the day so I usually just stick to using them at night. That is until I tried the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil (£7.99). This is a lovely oil made from a mix of Argan, Macademia, Almond & Rose oils.

The smell is incredible but not overpowering so wont clash with your perfume. Most importantly this oil is very easily absorbed and my skin is left silky and moisturised with no oily residue. This means that I can get dressed straight away. The only thing that is annoying about this is the spray. I find that if I use the spray I end up with oil everywhere – i.e. all over the bathroom floor which is a recipe for disaster! So I tend to just pour a bit out into my palm and use it that way which I find very effective! I definitely love this product and will be buying it again when my bottle runs out.

IMG_4878 IMG_4880

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