Swimsuit for a larger bust!

I have been on an eternal hunt for the perfect swimsuit. One that provides good support for my ample bust, a little help in the tummy area and actually fits the rest of my body that isn’t in proportion to my bust size! I am a 32G but am otherwise a size 12-14. This presents many problems when swimsuit shopping as I find that when it fits my bust the rest is baggy and unflattering.

In preparation for a long weekend away at a lovely country house where I intend to spend a lot of time in a hot tub and heated pool I went in search of a new swimsuit and one that I would be comfortable wearing in company! I ordered a wide selection from Figleaves which was delivered to a ByBox less than 24hrs later. In the end there was only one that was worth trying and thankfully keeping – a halter neck printed swimsuit by Sophina.


It was £50.00 – quite pricey but I have to say worth every penny. The bust support was perfect – an inbuilt bra. The halter neck surprisingly flattering, the tummy ruching gave a perfect amount of support and coverage. The only slight drawback is the possibility of a back fat situation where there is circular cutout on the back, which to be honest didnt really bother me that much.

I have to say I was even more pleased that I didn’t end up in a boring black swimsuit which is what I was fully expecting! The pattern is modern and very flattering. Basically I LOVE it and am more than pleased. I have to say I think this is one of the best swimsuits I have ever owned!!

IMG_4884 IMG_4885 IMG_4886

I apologise for not putting a picture of me in my swimsuit. There are limits…


One thought on “Swimsuit for a larger bust!

  1. Great style! And if you ever need another option and are prepared to break the bank…I can honestly tell you that miracle suits (fingleaves again) do work..and last! Have a lovely break xxx

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