A Few New Clothes

First up is a pair of skinny jeans from Zara, in the sale for £9.99. They are a perfect fit and a really long length which is what I was looking for.


With the Zara jeans I am wearing a simple knit from Primark for £6. It comes in loads of colours but I liked the grey and black combination best.

Next is a pencil skirt also from Zara for £29.99. Its has an embossed pattern and faux leather trim. I really like the length and pockets, and that it’s got a bit of a stretch which makes it easy to walk in!


Finally also from Zara is a knitted tunic in black with capped sleeves for £29.99. I have been looking for something like this for a while so I can layer it with shirts etc but also wear alone. I am wearing it with my new Primark leopard print leggings (£7). Wearing my Anika Kendra Clarks shoes throughout.



2 thoughts on “A Few New Clothes

  1. Hi Chitra
    I am also Sri lankan but maybe not into fashion like you lol. I love that you are making this blog because as you said all the fashion bloggers have lighter skin and so it is easier for them. Keep blogging for all those Sri Lankan fashion obsessed women!! You defo need more reads!

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