Babyliss Curling Wand

I have finally got myself a curling wand. I decided on the Babyliss Curling Wand purely based on the fact that it is featured in the InStyle Best Beauty Buys 2013! Yes I know that sounds a bit silly but I really trust the experts they get to vote on these things and I haven’t been disappointed yet!

So I got my Babyliss from my local Boots store for £24.99 (bargain!). It is just a simple barrel that heats up to 210 degrees. It has a number of heat settings but given my very thick hair I just went straight to the highest setting. The great bit is it also comes with a heat protection glove (just one)! Yes that sounds odd but trust me its brilliant! It means that you wrap your hair around the barrel without worrying about burning your fingers.



So I have found that it works best after I have used my Babyliss Big Hair to style my hair. I don’t tend use it on the day I style it with the Big Hair but wait until the day after this is really because I love the way my hair looks right after I have washed and styled it with the Big Hair but by the second day its just a bit tired so needs a refresh – I normally just use the Big Hair again and give it a quick once over, but now I find I am using the Curling Wand. This does mean that I get a different hair style as well!

IMG_4654 IMG_4655

So how easy is it? Well I think its fairly easy. The wrapping bit takes a bit of practice, but I am not looking for perfect curls, more of a gentle wave. I am not very patient (and often don’t have much time) so I just wrap and wait no more 5-8 seconds. I find that although this doesn’t give me tight curls, it does give me a nice wave which lasts for a few days! If you used smaller sections of hair you would probably get a tighter curl, but again time, patience and thick hair equals larger sections faster!!

All in all I am very very pleased with this purchase. I am very glad I waited to get the right one for me and I certainly think I did. I am definitely going to be using this again and again just like my Big Hair!


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