Sleek Makeup – more purchases!

After falling in love with my Sleek Makeup BB Cream I decided to have a look on the Sleek Makeup website. To be honest there was SO much stuff on there that I wanted it was very very hard to choose. The only thing that held me back was not being able to try the colours on my skin even though they have a genius way of showing you the colours – swatches photographed on different skin tones. Because of my darker skin tone I do find that getting the right shade of makeup is quite hard to do online especially when I am looking for powders, highlighters and blushers which is why I always prefer to try them out first.

So the next time I was in Superdrug I went straight to the Sleek Makeup section and tried out a few of the things I had seen on the website.

So the first thing I wanted to try was the Suede Effect Pressed Powder (£7.00). I went for Shade 03. This powder gives a really good smooth, matte finish. I use it as a mattifying powder to set my makeup. I also use it when I am out about and in need of a touch up. The texture is really lovely and very velvety! As you can see from the photo it is such a good match for my skin it just disappears!


Next I went for the Face Form in Medium (£10.00). This is a trio of powders for your face. The Medium palette comes with a contouring powder, a highlighting powder, and a bronzer. I have been looking for a bronzer and contouring powder and to be honest didn’t really expect to find them together, so this was a real bonus. Plus you also get the gorgeous highlighter – even better! The colours of this palette are really strong so a little goes a long way and they really complement my skin tone. All three work really well together which makes it a perfect handbag makeup essential!


Finally I decided on the iDivine Primer Palette (£7.99). This is a palette of cream eye shadows that can be used on their own for a lovely subtle wash of colour or can be used as a primer before layering on powder eyeshadows to give a really intense hit of colour. I have been using it for both. The layering works really well and definitely helps to not only make the colour of your powder shadows more vibrant but it also makes them last longer and not crease as much. As you can see from the swatches the colours are really beautiful even on their own and are strong enough even for my colouring.


So yet again I am extremely pleased with my Sleek Makeup finds and will no doubt be continuing to expand my collection!


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