Kneipp Herbal Bath Oils


I am a HUGE fan of baths, I know its not very environmentally friendly but it’s a part of my daily ritual that I really cant live without. Almost every night I have a bath before bed. I light candles, listen to music and read my fashion magazines while I soak in a scented bath usually with a face mask of some sort! It’s my total relaxation and wind down from all the stresses of my day and I find that it helps me sleep really well.

So because I spend a lot of time bathing I have to have a good selection of scented goodies for my bath. This post is only about one particular brand of bath product – Kneipp, but I will do another post of my all time favourites very soon!

So Kneipp are a German brand that to me stands for very high quality natural ingredients that deliver great benefits to your body and mind. According to Kneipp their Herbal Baths Oils are made from the purest natural herbs and contain highly concentrated essential oils. I find that this works in two ways by inhaling them from the steam in your bath, but also because they are absorbed when you soak in your tub.

As you can see from the picture I currently have five of their oils – Eucalyptus which is great for when you are feeling congested and a bit under the weather; Juniper which I always use after my hot yoga as it’s meant to relax sore muscles; Orange and Linden Blossom which has a gorgeous smell and is very soothing; Valerian and Hops which is my put me to sleep favourite; and finally Rosemary which is really a morning after tonic to get me going. All of them do colour the water as well (except Juniper) which for some reason I find highly satisfying – especially the lagoon blue of the Valerian and Hops!

There are few more bath oils in the range including Arnica, Melissa, Lavender and some blended ones like Red Poppy and Hemp, Jasmine and Sweet Almond and Ginger and Cardamom.


Because the blends are highly concentrated I find I only need a capful for each bath which means they do last. They are also very reasonably priced at just under £8 each and can be found in loads of on-line pharmacies.  All in all these bath oils have become one of my favourite bath products and are definitely set to stay a permanent feature of my bathroom shelf.

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