Breaking Out? Don’t worry Effaclar Duo is here!

About 8 weeks ago I started getting a lot of blemishes around my chin and cheek area. Normally I break out maybe once a month and normally only one or two small blemishes. Suddenly I was getting three or more and they were not going away. I tried paring down my skincare to my Alpha-H balancing cleanser and simple face creams but nothing seemed to be working. I know that the break outs were most likely stress induced but I needed something to get them under control while I got my stress under control!

So I started doing some research, my favourite kind – browsing beauty blogs! One product kept coming up that had been recently released and was from the very prestigious French skincare brand La Roche Posay – it’s called Effaclar Duo and it costs about £13 from Boots.

Before I talk about the product I think it’s worth saying that French skincare is in a league of its own. I have heard that is because French women are willing to invest heavily in keeping their skin in perfect condition. La Roche Posay is definitely one of those brands where the quality of their products and their efficacy is superior to most skincare brands of the same price range. The products are not prettily packaged but somehow do have a pleasing minimalist appeal!


So Effaclar Duo has saved my face! In the first week I didn’t really notice a huge change. Then suddenly everything settled down, my skin stopped breaking out and my old blemish scars have definitely faded. I use this religiously night and day after cleansing (although in the last 3 weeks or so I have started using some facial oils again at night). I had also started using my Clarisonic Mia (I will be writing a post about the Clarisonic soon) twice a week instead of one, but have now gone back to weekly.

The cream itself has a very mild pleasant smell. The texture (see picture below) is quite thin but somehow seems to be really hydrating. I don’t have dry skin so maybe that’s why I find this enough. However I have to say that even in the middle of winter with the cold air outside and then the central heating inside conspiring to dry me out, this cream has been hydrating enough.


During the day I have combined this with my Sleek Makeup BB Cream which is also meant to help with blemishes (BB stands for Blemish Balm). I do know that the Effaclar Duo had already started working before I started using the BB cream so it was definitely the main cure. The BB cream I think has also helped maintain moisture and protect my skin from further break outs.

I am over the moon with this product and am hoping that I can slowly switch back to my normal range of products soon, but for a bit longer I am going to stick with this miracle cream. So if all the indulging over the festive period means that you are in need of some SOS treatment for blemishes look no further!


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