Jacquard Print Cocktail Trousers

A bit too often I find myself browsing the immense Asos website. I know when I start to browse it’s going to lead to trouble.

Anyway I was looking for some jacquard print cocktail trousers for evening wear – not subtle but really glam. Cocktail trousers are very popular at the moment and can be found everywhere on the high street from Zara, Topshop, Warehouse to the higher end market like J Crew. I often decide to go with Asos because I think that it won’t be so easily recognisable as those from the high street shops.

So whilst looking for said trousers I “stumbled” upon a beautiful chiffon black blouse (i.e. go with EVERYTHING cannot live without). As for the trousers well I found a metallic pink and black jacquard and a metallic green and black jacquard so I ordered both of them! I ordered the pink trousers in both a size 12 and 14 (I am normally a 14). The green trousers were only available in a 12. I ordered the blouse in a 16 because I wanted it to be really loose and flowing. The blouse was £30 and the trousers were £45 each.


Here’s what they look like on me! (I have to apologise for the complete mess of wires behind me – really must sort that out!). I really like both the pink trousers and the green trousers but really can’t decide which size. The 12 fits perfectly but I like the way the 14 sits on my hips. I think I prefer the green colour but they don’t have any size 14 left! Now I just have to make the decision about which one to keep..??


These are the size 14 above.


These are the size 12 in pink above and green below.



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