Eyes Lips Face Beauty Books

Last Christmas I went a bit mad for these Eyes Lips Face Beauty Books. I just thought they were great stocking fillers for my girl friends as they are reasonably priced (about £6 each) and really great quality and design.


I went for a whole variety including the Glitter Eyes, Neutral Eyes and the Beauty Encyclopaedia.


IMG_3693 IMG_3698

I notice that this year they have two different types of Beauty Books with a range of colour options such the Natural, Smoky, Bronze, Bright and Neutral (see below).

5041_beauty_book_XL 85029_beauty_book_XL

What I really liked about these Beauty Books is not just the fantastic range of colours but also the instructions that come on the inside cover. For people who dont know what they are doing with eyeshadow application this is genius! Its also great how you can close the cover and keep everything clean and protected which makes it great for taking with you on your travels. Each Beauty Book also comes with applicators and a mirror – everything you need for eyes on the go!


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