BB Cream – for all skin colours

BB Creams have been around in Asia for quite a while but they have only hit the UK in the last year. They are meant to be an all in one product i.e. one product that replaces your serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation, and sunblock.

I have never tried a BB cream partly because I like my range of lotions and potions but also because the drug store versions are always too light for me. Not any more! I found two brands – GOSH and Sleek Makeup, this week in Superdrug that have BB creams to suit a really wide range of skin colours from light right up to really dark skin.

I tried them both out in the store on my jawline and to be honest liked them a lot. I decided in the end to go for the Be Beautiful Blemish Balm from Sleek Makeup because it had a more dewy texture and good coverage. The colour I went for was medium which looks really dark in the swatch above but actually blends in really well. The Sleek Makeup BB cream range has lighter shades too but surprisingly has an even darker shade than the one I got which I was impressed with. The other brand I tried was the GOSH BB Cream in Cream Chestnut. I did like this too but the Sleek Makeup one was just a bit creamier.  Again there were both lighter and darker shades available.

Both these brands’ BB creams were under £10 which I thought was a really reasonable price. So if you want one product to replace them all (sounds like Lord of the Rings…sorry) then BB Creams are for you!


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