Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter or glittery nail polishes are everywhere at the moment.

Recently I have bought quite a few glitter nail polishes mainly from Barry M. In the picture above the first three: Aqua Glitter, Gold Glitter and Magenta Glitter are glitter particles in a clear polish. See picture below.

The next four: Copper, Black Multi Glitter, Pink Silver Glitter, and Silvery Lilac are more of a solid glitter colour (below).

I have also got a Beauty UK Posh Polish in Twinkle Twinkle and finally my favourite – a Chanel polish no 607 Delight (below).

I think the glitter particles work best with a coloured base coat whilst the glittery colours work perfectly on their own. My favourite of the Barry M ones is the pink silver glitter. I wear it a lot and its very chic and incredibly durable.

As for my Chanel Delight – well it’s the perfect gold shade with a beautiful subtle shimmer that catches the light so prettily. It’s sophisticated while also being trendy. Of all my glittery colours this is the one I keep coming back to. It was a limited edition so may be quite hard to get hold of but a really good alternative is the Barry M Copper. It’s more coppery than rose gold but still stunning on and so glam and yet somehow very wearable.

So my advice is get some glitter in your life and have some fun!


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